Make it real. Now.

Matters is a startup studio that builds alternative products with startups.

Matters constructs disruptive mobile and web ideas for visionary leaders.

Our engaged tech team commits to audacious projects that matter to push the limits of the possible.


We believe in Mankind.
We believe in tech for people.
We believe in technical progress to support positive durable solutions.

We believe that a company must be a relationnist between people that are engaged to co-create products.

Matters's role is to provide a positive context for magic to happen.

We are committed

From Inovia to Matters

Inovia was created to provide innovation to technical projects.
During 10 years, we supported dozens of projects in that way, with a lot of commitment.
We want now to be engaged more deeply into projects that may produce a positive impact.

It matters.

Tech Paradise

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