Docusign's Road to React

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Docusign's Road to React

Some tasks like maintaining, improving and adding functionality to a web application can be difficult if standardization is not in place.

DocuSign shares their experience in migrating their web application to React technology.

At DocuSign different teams work on the application, each with a very specific role.

For a company with several thousand employees, coordinating the different development teams is not an easy task, these teams have agreed to use the React JS front-end library and thus standardize their web application via various React specific components.

Joe tells us about the task given to his team, their goal was to create visual components without any business logic so as not to create bad behavior, so they developed a large number of components that can be used by other teams via a library at add to the dependencies of a project and be able to interact with these components.

Conversely Claudiu explains to us that they were able to add business logic to these various components without worrying about potential problems related to the interface.

These components are included and almost everything works already.

They were also able to work with the Redux library to be able to manage an overall state of the application and thus manage the behavior of the various components, updated automatically with each change.

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